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Plus One Party Report: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Steven Lotvak, Lauren Worsham, Bryce Pinkham, Jefferson Mays,Lisa O’Hare, Robert L Freedman


What? Opening night of the new musical A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Where? Performance at the Walter Kerr Theater, natch, and black-tie after-party at The Pierre.

With whom? Stars Bryce Pinkham and Jefferson Mays, Director Darko Tresnjak, Composer/Lyricist Steven Lutvak, Book Writer/Lyricist Robert L Freedman, Alex Timbers, David Hyde Pierce, Kate Baldwin, Patrick Page, Caissie Levy, Colin Hanlon, Katie Finneran, Darren Goldstein, Alison Fraser, Bobby Steggert, Daniel Breaker AND HIS ADORABLE SON, Tony Yazbeck, Jose Llana, Nathan Lane, Tyne Daly, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Jordan Roth, Judith Ivey, Kathleen Turner, Julia Murney, Laura Benanti, Jackie Hoffman.

Talking Points:

  • OMG Daniel Breaker’s son. I caught site of the pair, front and center in the mezz, and not only was Daniel’s son looking like… cuter than a sack full of puppies, but he seemed SO EXCITED to be there it almost melted my uterus. THAT is the magic of theater, y’all.
  • I have to say, black tie is the BEST, best, best. Why, you ask? Well. Because Alex Timbers in a tuxedo is a thing that I saw up close and personal several times. And I kind of never want to see anything again ever. He’s tall and skinny as fuck but like… I bet he could wrap those long limbs around you, and… I digress. Alex was breathtakingly handsome in that suit with those glorious Timberlocks tumbling over his forehead and I thought you should know.
  • David Hyde Pierce for sure paired a baseball cap with that tux of his. Because you can do that if you’re David Hyde Pierce.
  • After the show my date and I got separated on our way out of the theater. It took me ages to find him again and wouldn’t you know he was talking to Jordan Roth by the time I did. He didn’t even know who Jordan Roth was!! #cryingfromjealousy
  • You should have heard the cast exclaiming excitedly about how close to the stage Nathan Lane had been seated. Because Broadway actors are still Broadway fans, team.
  • Men in overcoats, and scarves, and small round black sunglasses roamed the party. Pretty sure this was done on purpose — can you imagine if it was just a coincidence? — but I feel like they must have been really warm.
  • Patrick Page made many loops around the party (which was spread out across several luxuriously appointed rooms) and just looked dapper as fuck the whole time.
  • You guys, the party had such good whiskey. Err. Whisky.
  • Also good? The dessert table. Tiny baby cheesecakes, little apple crumbles, chocolate covered strawberries, macarons, bread pudding — my date and I tried them all. Mostly because Spring Awakening‘s Gabe Violett raved about the cheesecake, so we had to make a second trip back to the buffet and make sure we left no stone unturned.
  • We first spotted Bobby Steggert being his dapper self not far from the dessert table. He was snapping selfies with Alison Fraser and we refrained from fangirling but only just barely.
  • Kate Baldwin is stunning. That is all.
  • Late in the evening we met the show’s fight director Jeff Barry. After terrifying him with my enthusiasm for blood choreography he taught me about how the body reacts to a stabbing. Not that there were many stabbings in Gentleman’s Guide, it was just my crazy that took the conversation to a dark place.
  • Bryce brought his lady Emily Young as his date — remember when they were both in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson together?! — and even at the bitter end of the night, as we were all being kicked out of the joint, they looked ridiculously beautiful and glam. Not even fair.


Photo: Walter McBride

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