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Ticket Giveaway — The Realistic Joneses

Is the new Will Eno play The Realistic Joneses – starring Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Marisa Tomei & Michael C Hall – going to unpack the emotional and psychological impact of attempting to ‘Keep Up With the Joneses?’

Hell if we know. But we do know that all our friends are obsessed with playwright Will Eno – making his Broadway debut with this play – and we want to be cool like them. You should too.

One way to do that? Attending the new play’s final dress on March 12th, the night before it opens to plebian paying audiences. Then you can tell everyone how far ahead of the curve you were.

How can you get yourself invited to this final dress, you ask? Simple. Enter our contest. We’ve got a pair of passess to give away to one lucky reader.

How can you enter? Well, that’s simple, too. Just follow the instructions below.

    1. Clear your calendar for Wednesday, March 12th.
    2. Make sure you follow @thecraptacular and then tweet, or RT, the following loverly phrase:

    Hey, @thecraptacular, I’m Jones-ing to see Will Eno’s Bway debut (@RealisticBway) a whole day before it opens! RT & follow to win.

    3. Prepare yourself for unimpeachable coolness/keep your eyes glued to our Twitter feed. We’ll announce a winner tomorrow afternoon.

BOOM. Good luck keeping up with the Joneses. Or at least, with our really cool friends.

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