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Your Tonys Dream Date: Laura Osnes

It’s possible! That’s right. Your Tonys Dream Date is Laura Osnes–the prettiest, dreamiest, most magical princess on the block. Get ready, because all your Tony Night fairytale fantasies are about to come true. Carriage ride to the ceremony? Check. Fanciful formalwear? Totes McGotes. And the best part of all? You won’t have to spend the whole day getting ready because Princess Laura has some people who can whip up the perfect outfit in a trice. Plus, the red carpet is always a ball by her benevolent side. After the long ceremony, you’ll waltz from party to party with glasses of sparkling lemonade in hand, that way you’ll remember every dreamy detail of the night. You’ll be documenting it all at tomorrow’s big scrapbooking party.

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