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Weekend Agenda: Smash(ed) Edition

This week The Book of Mormon became the first real smash of the season—indeed, of the last few years—over at the Eugene O’Neill.  Superstar Daniel Radcliffe talked to the press about Broadway and that little blip of a film franchise he once started in.  And NYMag commissioned a hilarious ice sculpture inspired by the woes over at the Foxwoods Theater where the word smash is more of a verb than an adjective.  Some things to note:

  • The Book of Mormon, which has been over 100% capacity for weeks now, earned itself near unanimous raves last night, making the ticket situation there even more costly and precarious. We’d never begrudge anyone on Broadway their success, except… we are kind of begrudging Mormon its success this minute. I mean, how are we ever going to win the ticket lotto now?!
  • Ramin Karimloo, who we are still obsessed with, called someone a “candy ass” on Twitter last night. Which is almost as amazing as this photo.  Almost.  …Okay, not really. Nothing is as amazing as that photo. But. We’re bringing “candy ass” back into our lexicon anyway.
  • Over at Spider-Man: Our Show is Awful the entire Geek Chorus was apparently given the boot this week. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus. We’d make a joke about not letting a set piece hit them on the way out, but… Josh Malina beat us to that gag weeks ago. Damn him.
  • Speaking of that damn show—NYMag commissioned an ice-sculpture entitled “Sad Julie Taymor” in which she is ensnared in her own web of… disaster and grief?  Try not to laugh out loud when you see it.
  • In an interview with the AP, Daniel Radcliffe credits the Harry Potter franchise for affording him the opportunity to star on Broadway. In other breaking news, apparently the Pope is a Catholic man.
  • Audra McDonald confirmed that she will play Bess in the upcoming A.R.T. production of Porgy and Bess in Boston.  Which is, you know, just about everyone’s dream casting come to life.  We may have screamed when we heard.
  • Apparently the famed feud between Priscilla’s Nick Adams and Mario Lopez—over who’s biceps were more impressive, natch—was all nonsense? We call shenanigans. This feud is too awesome to be fake. We simply won’t allow it.
  • Full casting was announced for the NY Philharmonic’s Neil Patrick Harris-led Company. We promptly began contemplating offering to exchange sexual favors for tickets. Our parents would be real disappointed, but like… if we get to see the show, will that matter?

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