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Weekend Agenda: Critic(al) Edition

So. Some things happened this week.  Catch Me If You Can, Sleep No More and War Horse had dates with the critics and not everyone was happy about it.  Christopher J Hanke redacted his strip-off challenge and literally no one was happy about it.  Below, some thoughts to ponder while you file your taxes:

  • The brilliant Joshua Henry is joining the cast of Diane Paulus’s Porgy and Bess in Boston. Seriously, is this show trying to kill us dead with casting awesomeness?
  • Tony-winning actor Jason Alexander wrote a way-longer-than-140-character schpiel on Twitter this week about the play War Horse, and Ben Brantley’s review of the show. It’s informally entitled Wah Wah Critics Are Wrong and/or Not Entitled to Their Opinions, Even Though I Totally Believe in Freedom of Expression and Everything, Because I Am an Artist. The kicker? Brantley’s review wasn’t even bad.
  • In this week’s episode of his Broadway.com vlog “Frump Tower,” Christopher J Hanke challenged fellow vlogger Nick Adams to a strip off.  Then took it back.  We’re simply not going to allow that kind of tomfoolery, Hanke.  So.  We’ve decided this strip-off should be produced as a benefit for BCEFA.  We’ll promise to use our teeth to put singles in your thong without biting, and BCEFA will get some much needed cash.  That’s what you’d call a win-win.
  • Producers announced that the Hair tour would make an extended, 10-week stop this summer on… Broadway.  No complaints here.  We clearly love the show.  The Mick even popped an enormous lady boner that hasn’t gone down for days.  They better pull up some seats in that theater to make room for her cot.  She’s moving in.
  • Catch Me If You Can opened to generally, well, negative reviews.  We’re not surprised.  But we are sad for Aaron Tveit.  And praying his ego will recover/he won’t run off to the solace of Hollywood to lick his wounds and never return.  We like his bum too much to watch it leave.
  • Official reviews for Sleep No More hit the wires this week.  We loved the show, and it seems others did too and that’s great.  But let’s be serious.  The most important development here is the awesome mental image of Ben Brantley attempting to take notes in the dark while wearing that crazy mask.

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