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Weekend Agenda: RIP Howard Kissel Edition

We were saddened this week to hear of the passing of theater critic Howard Kissel. This weekend, we’ll be pondering the importance and relevance of strong critical voices. And talking about some other stuff, too…

  • Like you needed reasons to love him more, but Ramin Karimloo further proved his general fabulousness this week when he literally rescued an ill/swooning woman at the stage door at London’s Queens Theatre. No, like really. According to a report on his Facebook fan page, he even drove her to the hospital and looked after her kids while this all went down. Fuck yeah, stage door heroism! Now that’s something to swoon over.
  • We were fishing for a reason to revisit the fun revival of Anything Goes, and alas, we now have one: The darling Stephanie Block will replace Sutton Foster in in March.
  • Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway is about to become a Broadway musical. Which is… well… we hope it’s better than his wanky contribution to Relatively Speaking.
  • The Vineyard Theatre’s production of The Lyons is moving to the Broadway this spring, opening April 26th. Linda Lavin is definitely in, and we’re hearing Michael Esper is expected to reprise his role as well.
  • Speaking of Michael Esper… In this week’s edition of Fuck Hollywood, they’ve now stolen Mr. Esper for real. Not just for an indie flick, no, they’ve put him in a damn TV series. Steven Pasquale’s starring vehicle Do No Harm, to be exact. We’re guessing it will shoot in New York City — given the rumors about The Lyons — but that’s only a small comfort for those of us who are loathe to share his amazingness with the world. I mean, we’re happy for you Michael. But we’re a little bit like a jealous girlfriend. This could get intense.
  • File under, Interesting Marketing Strategies and/or Stuff That’s In the Contract: The hypnotically clear-skinned Nick Jonas will sing on an all-new cast recording of How to Succeed…
  • Meanwhile, it was announced that the Porgy & Bess cast recording will be comprised of two discs. To translate: In ancient history, music was stored on something called a compact disc. It was round and silver. Because its storage capacity was finite, very long cast recordings were often broken in half and stored on two of them. Well, the Porgy & Bess cast recording will basically work like that. Except you’ll probably just buy it on iTunes. In one click and not two.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar star Josh Young — he of the beautiful brown curls and cleft chin — got engaged to his lady. That horrified sob you just heard? That’s The Mick, mourning the loss of another love she’s never had.
  • FYI, Patrick Wilson is a fanboy, too. Check out his utterly not-kidding Van Halen cover band.

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