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Happy Friday, or, A Whole Bunch of Things About Aaron Tveit

Hi there, Aaron Tveit, hottie of all hotties. You’re back in the news this week. And damn are we glad to see it.

While we’re pleased to see your TV show Graceland—with fellow hottie Daniel Sunjata—got picked up by USA, we’re especially excited you’re starring as Dmitri in an upcoming reading of Anastasia. Mostly because our hearts forever want you at home on the New York stage, singing pretty songs.

In case you—or any of our dear readers, past and present—didn’t know it, we’re kind of in love with you. Below, links to several of our odes to your beautiful, big-singing self. You know, so you can study up on our true feelings. And realize that we’re totally fated to have a happily-ever-after ourselves. Just like Dmitri and Anastasia did in the movies.

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